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Outdoor Media

South Kesteven District Council

South Kesteven District Council required a campaign that created a positive messages about the services they provide in South Lincolnshire. Using their existing refuse trucks and outdoor media as a platform for delivering their messages, DesignCounsell designed a series of large format banners that brought home the diversity of the services that Council provide.

Peterborough Regional College

Peterborough Regional College is a large city college that offers a broad selection of further education and higher education courses for Peterborough and the surrounding areas. DesignCounsell were tasked with creating an outdoor media campaign that gave an aspirational tone for further education. We created hero shots of working professionals proud in their career progression through education. 

Stamford Georgian Festival

Stamford Georgian Festival is a major new event taking place in the historic South Lincolnshire town of Stamford. A logo design was to be the focal point of the branding and DesignCounsell created a design that uses colours from the Georgian era as well as adding a silhouette from the classic period. The design was used on various media to promote the event. Including pull-up banners, building wraps and various leaflets and literature.

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